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September 17, 2012
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twosides by StickFigureQueen twosides by StickFigureQueen
Dear Princess Celestia,
The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows...

You bitch

Gaaaaawd I hate Celestia XD I want to cut her out of the picture soooo bad, but I told my self I wouldn't.

Lookit you! All smug and shiny. Luna is best pony.

This is to beat art block, don't read too much into it. It's also huge! Please download :D

Mini story by :icontelaros:

Plotting to take control of both Sun and Moon; Celestia called upon the powers of the Elements of Harmony and sealed her sister within the moon. Before Luna's banishment, she had warned Celestia that her stars would aid in her escape and reclaim the night, for with she will then make it; Eternal!

Celestia scuffed at those words. Until she unleashed the powers of the Elements in her cruel and selfish desire. The Elements of Harmony were forced to do the wicked deed but, in turn they cursed Celestia with a vision of her future. A vision of her sealed within the blazing sun with her wreathing form eternally burning; her everlasting blood regenerating her flesh just as quickly; causing insufferable torment. She would see her sister's dark return, the hate and look of betrayal in her eyes. Celestia would feel the weight of her sins every waking moment for the next thousand years.

The Elements of Harmony, being abused and their power spent on such impure thoughts and desires did one last thing to spite Celestia. The Elements had turned to stone. The warmth and unity Celestia had once shared with her Sister, forever lost to her.


Nine hundred years have past since Luna's banishment to the moon. Celestia had grown weary of her solitude. No amount of love from her subjects or her escorts could fill the emptiness and regret. She's all but resigned herself to her fate, regretting her actions. All she could do is wait, and pray she can utter the words she's longed to tell her sister for the past 600 years... should they reach her. "I'm so sorry Luna, if taking your place would bring you back from the monster I forced you to become, then I gladly take your place. If only I could bring you back..." It was not till then that her heart was once again pure and true, that she received a vision. A vision of a mare, giving birth to a child. A child that would one day, with care and proper guidance, could free both sisters from Celestia's selfish act so long ago.

Her name, her name shall be Twilight. A mare born to be the pillar between both Sun AND Moon.

Celestia, almost a thousand years, allowed herself to smile. She began to rule and guide the wheels of fate as best she could as to what she interpreted the dream visions to be. The rest is what we would now call, History.

Because it was bootiful
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HeartsOverClover Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist
I agree, I love Luna so, so much~<3

Also, I love the story :meow:
Sakradesu1992 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Luna is better than tha ugly celestia!!
celestia is a lazy princess!!! always making twilight do the job!!!!
luckycheifd Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
love this picture, yin and yang

I've always wondered how Celestia's banishment would be, and that sound about right, the opposite of Luna's cold dark prison.

Celestia I never really liked that much she always sounded so smug

I liked Luna the best and I think I like her because I believe she represents mystery, curiosity and adventure.
StickFigureQueen Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i much prefer luna over celestia, celestia just kinda seems really full of herself
luckycheifd Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
I know, trolestia
bloostormbrony Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's such a kewl way of looking at it! :D and...I have never seen anyone get the princesses manes to look as good as this....
StickFigureQueen Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww thanks! those manes were so annoying! celestia's especially, took me forever to get it right
bloostormbrony Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Y welcome :3

Urrrr... Celestias mane is just too floaty and tricky.. You did an excellent job :iconwelldoneplz:
REV6Pilot Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Just to count, Luna is a hot-headed bitch that never deserved less than what she got and was only re-accepted because Celestia is a very good pony, because anywhere else, she'd get her neck broken as soon as she was purged. Her looking smug and shiny is only existent because of the good sister.

But hey, I'm talking about canon. You can wallow in your "irrational hate of Celestia", as you put it yourself, and whine about her sue-ness or whatever the hell you wish. It's your insignificant little headcanon anyway. Actually, why don't you go gush over the Lunaverse and stop giving Celestia shit in your descriptions, hm? There are plenty other Celestia haters there for you to socialize with and pass the time.

That said, the deviation looks nice. Really nice. The light's rays on the right, from the shadows on Luna, do actually come from the single point you seem to have intended - her horn - and you didn't forget that light in dust actually diffuses, an effect you applied extremely well to the nebula of particulates they seem to be in. Another nice touch is Celestia (accurately) casting a shadow bigger than herself behind her, one large enough to "hide" her sister from whatever light source Celly is in front of.

I'm amazed by the art and disgusted by your ideals, so I shall remain neutral about this.
StickFigureQueen Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. That's you're opinion and that's fine although the word 'purged' makes me think you have the same kind of sentiment as me but to the opposite sister.

2. I'm not wallowing in anything, like it says clearly in the description "this is to beat art block please don't read too much into it" it was a momentary idea i did because I had no others at the time. I haven't wined about sue-ishness, not once and it's not a head cannon, at that time I was feeling a particular dislike for that character which is why I described it as 'irrational' I had no real reason for it and I don't particularly feel that way anymore.

3. If you want me to not 'give shit' in my descriptions on characters then please show the same standard and don't show 'give shit' for characters when you comment. "Luna is a hot-headed bitch" for example. Even though as I painted the picture it is my right to put what I want in the description.

4. Luna is no longer my favourite character, I like drawing her because I like darker themes ponies and I'm not that deep into the fan verse that I delve into the ...lunaverse as you put it.

5. Thank you for your opinion on my piece, it's nice to see you're not just here to tell me off and that you actually took time to look at the picture and the work I put into it.

6. This picture in no way show's my ideals, an ideal is an idea of what is perfect or optimum in a situation, an opinion is what I have derived from my view of things. Different.

7. If you had remained neutral about this you would not have taken time out of your day and mine to tell me that you are disgusted with an assumption you have gleaned from looking at one of my pictures I told people to not read too much into.

Thanks for commenting.
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